Board of Directors

Work team

Hervé Pollet


Co-founder and Associate Director of YELLOW Reclutamiento positivo.

Owner and Associate Director of Lodge Porteño & Lodge Paris.

Director at Carmaal.

Born in France, Hervé Pollet has lived in Argentina for 20 years. He founded Adecco and successfully managed its operations in Argentina and Latin America from 1999 until late 2015.

He started and built the Fundación Cartoneros y sus Chicos in 2017. He turned the Cartoneros y sus Chicos project into a formal foundation, with visibility and sustainability in Argentina.

MBA at SKEMA Business School – Lille – France.

Senior Leadership Programme at INSEAD – Paris – France.

Leadership Programme at IMD – Lausanne – Switzerland.

Leadership program en IMD – Lausanne – Suiza.

Renata Jacobs

Founder & Vice President

Member of the Jacobs Holding AG Board.

Renata Jacobs is one of Switzerland’s most dedicated benefactors, widow of businessman and visionary Klaus J. Jacobs and mother of four. Mrs. Jacobs is President of the Jacobs Family Council and member of the Jacobs Holding Board, the major shareholder of the Barry Callebaut chocolate manufacturer and of the dental services group Colosseum Dental.

She has worked tirelessly over the last seven years, providing educational support and care for urban waste pickers’ children through her Cartoneros y sus Chicos project in Buenos Aires, so that they may have a better education and a better life.

She also runs a programme for the Estancia San Ramón workers’ children. This is the Jacobs family’s farm in Patagonia, where she is also president of a successful cattle and sheep farming company.

Gregorio Werthein


Executive Director of the Werthein Group, one of Argentina's largest business groups, whose investments span multiple industries, such as telecommunications, insurance, consumer goods, agribusiness, energy and wine. For 107 years, the group has been setting up companies, contributing to the country’s development and working to create a better future.

Board Member and Executive Committee member at TGS.

Board Member at Experta ART.

Board Member at Gregorio, Numo and Noel Werthein S.A.

Board Member at Cachay S.A.

President of the Argentine Equestrian Federation.

Harvard Business School, Leadership Development Programme, Business.

Columbia University – Columbia Business School, MBA, Corporate Finance.

Lucas A. Hernández



Managing Partner – Lucas Hernandez Consulting.

Born in Argentina, Lucas studied Economics and Business Administration at the University of Buenos Aires and holds an MBA from Maastricht University.

In 2010, when he moved to Switzerland, he started to see changes in the Wealth Management sector, as well as a keen interest in emerging markets, especially in Latin America.

Thanks to his knowledge and experience in financial services, Lucas built an impressive professional network in Switzerland and Latin America, which he initially harnessed working with an independent asset manager and two headhunting firms.

In 2014, he started a company dedicated entirely to the Latin American wealth market.

Alejandra Solla


She defines herself as a popular educator.

She is a founding member and Executive Director of Fundación SES, a civil society organization based in Argentina which works for social, educational and labour integration of adolescents and young people across the country and in the region of Latin America and the Caribbean.

She is President of the Ibero-American League of Civil Society Organizations combating poverty and social exclusion, which has 27 member CSOs and is present in 17 countries in the region.

She is an international consultant in the areas of youth, education and labour, a capacity in which she has worked with organizations such as the IDB-MIF, Eurosocial / UE and Cinterfor / ILO among others. She has authored several books and articles about institutional strengthening, youth and labour, and scale and impact of public policies.

Pedro Pablo Kavulakian


He studied Economics at the University of Belgrano and Marketing at the Fundación de Altos Estudios Comerciales,

Since 1989 he has dedicated himself fully to television and communications, founding and directing several pioneering companies in the region in digital and satellite transmissions, providing services to the most important companies in the southern cone. In the world of television, he was responsible for the installation and start-up of various TV studios for channels and large media groups in the country, as well as for more than 25 years of production and transmission of various racetracks in Argentina and Uruguay.

As his main activity, he currently directs LARC (Latin American Racing Channel), with operations throughout America, Europe, Turkey and Australia and of which he is co-founder, being dedicated to the global dissemination and promotion of the equestrian industry. He also participates in various international forums including the co-organization of conferences in the cities of Buenos Aires, Montevideo, New York and Washington.

Soledad Senosiain


Soledad is a lawyer, with excellent interpersonal communication attributes and a great entrepreneurial spirit.

She is the Founder of Potenciarte, a women’s space from where for several years she has been organizing Workshops whose objective is to enhance the personal resources of those who participate in different areas of life: health, food, psychoanalysis, etc.

She is an active member of two Foundations in which he acts fundamentally from his Fundraiser position and in the organization of health, recreational, and sports events, linked to the needs of children.

Thanks to his large number of professional contacts, he is always looking to promote interpersonal and inter-company relationships and New Challenges.

Matias Barreiro


Matías is a lawyer graduated from the University of Belgrano in the City of Buenos Aires and carried out specialization programs in health management and administration at Harvard University.

As of 2010 he has been the Director of the Sanatorio Colegiales and since 2017 he has been the founder and director of FuSaDe (Foundation for Health, Sports and Education).

He also works as Director and Shareholder of COBERMED Pre-paid medicine and is General Manager of Ionic S.A., provider of diagnostic imaging.

Diego Guilisasti

Executive Director

He holds a Master’s Degree in Social Programmes Design and Management, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of Buenos Aires.

He has vast experience in the world of social work. At the age of 11 he joined the Argentine Scouts, where he has served in different roles since he was 20, both in his group and at the district level.

He has been Head of Institutional Affairs at Asociación Conciencia, Institutional Director of the Kennedy University Outreach Secretariat and Executive Director of the National Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility and Social Capital of the University of Buenos Aires School of Economics.

Carolina Rotger

General Coordinator

She is a Social Worker from the University of Buenos Aires and a therapeutic companion.

She has broad experience in popular education spaces and feels a strong calling to serve others.

Thanks to her empathy and social conscience, she can create strong bonds with the children’s families and with representatives of other institutions in the neighbourhood.

Fernando Cañete

3 rd Level Educator

History Professor.

He is responsible for young students in the first stage of secondary school (ages 12, 13 and 14).

His strong dedication to helping others has led him not only to work in our project from Monday to Friday, but also to coordinate a group of young people as a volunteer on Saturdays, at a charitable institution near his house.

Ivana Cocio Cruz

1 st Level Educator

Social Work Student.

She is responsible for children in the first stage of primary school (ages 6, 7 and 8).

She has participated in similar projects in the past. Thanks to her experience, she is able to work in close collaboration with the families of the youngest children, supporting them during the difficult period in which they start to attend primary school.

Carlos Mancilla

Cooperative Representative

Carlos is the Cooperative's representative at the Education and Community Centre.

He is nicknamed “el viejo” (the old man) by everyone in the neighbourhood and the cooperative.

Not even 10 web pages would be enough to provide a summary of his remarkably broad background and experience.

He was the first president of the Las Madreselvas cooperative and brought together, one by one, all the urban waste pickers who so far had been working in the streets on their own. After working tirelessly for others and for his family, he was awarded by the Cooperative the honorary title of representative of the “Better Education, Better Life” project.

Mary - Cooperativa


She and her workmate María make up the two-women team that everybody calls “The Maries”.

Having worked at the Cooperative for many years, today Mary is in charge of houskeeping. She makes breakfast for the children, prepares their afternoon meal and is always attentive to all their needs.

Given her close bonds with the neighbourhood’s children, many of them see her as a confidant and a person they know they can rely on.

María - Cooperativa


She and her workmate María make up the two-women team that everybody calls “The Maries”.

She joined the Cooperative especially for this project. Over time, she came to own the space and today she is one of the people that children feel they can count on the most. Together with Mary, she makes breakfast for the children, prepares their afternoon snack and is always attentive to all their needs.

Her commitment and love for the project is such that her daughter Sharon participates in Ivana’s group!

Your contribution brings them closer to a life of opportunity.