We received a donation of 9 tons of chickpeas!

Last Friday, June 13, we received 9 tons of chickpeas that will be destined directly to the families that we have accompanied since the foundation and to the network of dining rooms that was formed in this time of the pandemic.

We thank Cono SA who generously made the donation and El Soldado logistics who collaborated with the transportation from the city of Córdoba. Also to Cera Suiza and Soledad Senosiain who managed the contact with the company.

We continue working and accompanying the 71 families and the aforementioned network of dining rooms in this complex framework that we have to experience as this global pandemic is.

Social inequalities in times of pandemic

The mandatory quarantine situation as a result of COVID-19 brings serious problems for miles of people in poverty or vulnerability, due to different factors such as loneliness, the dangers of domestic violence, the inability to work informally and obtain the necessary income for daily subsistence, added to the conditions of poverty that make it difficult to maintain the essential sanitary controls in these circumstances.

In this context of isolation, although it is necessary to deepen the effects of social exclusion, knowing that after the quarantine, the formal economy will be extremely weakened to undertake a rapid and urgent reactivation.

In order to better understand the current situation of this sector of the population, the UCA Social Debt Observatory presents us with a selection of statistical indicators on social deprivation prior to the current crisis.

These are data from the Argentine Social Debt Survey, corresponding to the second semester of 2019. This information is analyzed according to the socio-occupational stratification of households, based on the insertion of the main economic supporter. The account information, not only on structural deficits, but also on persistent inequalities in Argentina

Here is the link to access the report:


Cancellation of the event “Cartoneros y sus Chicos” in Zurich on March 18, 2020

Dear friends

In compliance with the decision of the Swiss Federal Council of March 13, 2020, I regret to inform you that the fundraising event for “Cartoneros y sus Chicos” in Zurich that we have been lovingly planning for several months has been canceled.

We are very sad to not be able to hold our event today. We had planned an unforgettable night of many surprises for all of you.

I will be happy to see you again very soon and I thank you very much for your understanding and support.

In the meantime, I wish you all the best and above all good health.

With a warm greeting.

Renata jacobs

Founder & Vice President of the Board

Schools closed

All schools in Argentina have been closed since mid-March due to the global pandemic. Our 150 Cartoneros children suffer from this situation but try to master their tasks from home.
The foundation`s teachers send them assignments via WhatsApp or deliver them personally, always in compliance with the protective measures, and support our children whenever necessary.

Learn playing

"Nothing fires a child's mind more than play" - Dr. Stuart Brown.
The game is the protagonist of the child's life, for this reason, it is used as a very effective teaching methodology when it comes to capturing and maintaining their attention while incorporating new knowledge.

It is one of the best ways to reinforce what you have learned theoretically and put it into practice. Developing experiences through play so that concepts are internalized.

Applying meaningful learning as a basis for the integral development of the child.

Here is a guide developed by UNICEF together with NIK promoting this type of teaching:


Miami Fundraising Dinner

Last December 4 th , our 2 nd event for Cartoneros y sus Chicos was held in Miami. It was generously organized by the Grosskopf family, who offered the magnificent Fendi Château Residences facilities and served a delicious dinner, in addition to contributing exclusive works of art, jewellery and many beautiful prizes to be auctioned and raffled.

A group of 80 distinguished guests, mostly Argentines living in Miami, stood in solidarity with our cause in favour of education and eagerly bid for the objects being auctioned, thanks to which the significant amount of USD 150,000 was raised.

Guests also enjoyed a tango show and musical presentations.

We would like to express our most sincere gratitude to all the participants and to our sponsors, who helped to make this a truly successful event.

Poverty in Argentina Hits 40.8%

According to the latest Argentine Catholic University’s (UCA) Argentine Social Debt Watch report, 40.5% of our population lives in poverty.

In addition, extreme poverty (those people who are not able to meet even their basic food needs) is as much as almost 9% of the population.

The situation is specially worrying for children and adolescents, with 60% of them living below the poverty line.

The full report can be found here: http://uca.edu.ar/es/noticias/avance-del-informe-deudas-sociales-y-desigualdades-estructurales-en-la-argentina-2010-2019

2019 Buenos Aires Solidarity Gala

On Wednesday October 2 nd we hosted our 8 th Solidarity Gala in Buenos Aires.

The event was attended by over 300 guests, many of whom have supported us from the beginning. We would like to express our special gratitude to them, who know our history and are an important part of it.

There were also many new companies who came to know about us and, with great generosity, joined us in this opportunity. We would like to thank you for letting us share with you what we do and we hope we can continue counting on you.

Thanks to all your contributions, a total of 3,357,500 pesos were raised. This will allow us not only to continue with our usual activities, but also to think of new projects in order to keep reinforcing the education of waste pickers’ children.