Miami Fundraising Dinner

Last December 4 th , our 2 nd event for Cartoneros y sus Chicos was held in Miami. It was generously organized by the Grosskopf family, who offered the magnificent Fendi Château Residences facilities and served a delicious dinner, in addition to contributing exclusive works of art, jewellery and many beautiful prizes to be auctioned and raffled.

A group of 80 distinguished guests, mostly Argentines living in Miami, stood in solidarity with our cause in favour of education and eagerly bid for the objects being auctioned, thanks to which the significant amount of USD 150,000 was raised.

Guests also enjoyed a tango show and musical presentations.

We would like to express our most sincere gratitude to all the participants and to our sponsors, who helped to make this a truly successful event.

Poverty in Argentina Hits 40.8%

According to the latest Argentine Catholic University’s (UCA) Argentine Social Debt Watch report, 40.5% of our population lives in poverty.

In addition, extreme poverty (those people who are not able to meet even their basic food needs) is as much as almost 9% of the population.

The situation is specially worrying for children and adolescents, with 60% of them living below the poverty line.

The full report can be found here: