The mandatory quarantine situation as a result of COVID-19 brings serious problems for miles of people in poverty or vulnerability, due to different factors such as loneliness, the dangers of domestic violence, the inability to work informally and obtain the necessary income for daily subsistence, added to the conditions of poverty that make it difficult to maintain the essential sanitary controls in these circumstances.

In this context of isolation, although it is necessary to deepen the effects of social exclusion, knowing that after the quarantine, the formal economy will be extremely weakened to undertake a rapid and urgent reactivation.

In order to better understand the current situation of this sector of the population, the UCA Social Debt Observatory presents us with a selection of statistical indicators on social deprivation prior to the current crisis.

These are data from the Argentine Social Debt Survey, corresponding to the second semester of 2019. This information is analyzed according to the socio-occupational stratification of households, based on the insertion of the main economic supporter. The account information, not only on structural deficits, but also on persistent inequalities in Argentina

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