Learn by Playing

We intend to create a warm and cheerful environment where participants identify their interests and put them into practice by playing in teams. Passion and playing are the means to develop team projects.

Educational Support

Every day, we help children with their school learning through educational support, help with schoolwork and special preparation for their exams.

Special Projects

Based on participants’ interests, we design special projects which we connect with their individual learning goals and with the curriculum corresponding to their level.


We prepare individual support programs for those participants who experience particular difficulty in learning to read and write, so that they can catch up with the rest of their schoolmates.


A cross-disciplinary team of health professionals conducts regular checks and we refer urgent cases to the relevant specialists.

Young Leaders for Social Transformation Programme

The programme’s goals are:

  1. To create a group of young leaders with the necessary skills to transform their lives and to foster and support the transformation of those around them.
  2. To empower young people from ages 15 to 18 so that they can own their future and consciously strive for social transformation.
  3. To provide young people from ages 15 to 18 in the San Cayetano neighbourhood in the Pilar district with a space where they can develop a sense of belonging.

For 10 months and during 195 hours of workshops and meetings, young people deal with the
following topics:

  • Life plan
  • Leadership and teamwork
  • Comprehensive Sexuality Education
  • Gender-based violence
  • Addiction prevention
  • Financial inclusion
  • End-of-year camping trip
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Citizenship and responsible social participation
  • Environmental care
  • Social projects planning and management
  • End-of-program camping trip

The program strengthens and educates young people so that they become multiplying agents of the ideas discussed under each topic. At the same time, these young people have a very positive impact on their neighbourhoods as generators of social capital and as promoters and leaders of improvements and joint efforts in their area, making use of all possible democratic channels. Finally, these young people become able to view themselves as the owners of their own future, designing their own life project, which they can undertake with greater personal strength and technical tools.

Completion of Education

We have a space with 12 computers which are used by adults (both the children’s parents and local neighbours) to access online completion of education programmes.
Participants are helped by a group of instructors who answer their questions and support them during their learning process.

Digital inclusion

We host workshops which bring adults closer to technology, whether they are taking their first steps in surfing the web or using basic tools such as Word or Excel.

Job search

We support young people and adults in making their CVs, finding jobs online and coach them
for job interviews.

Workshops for parents and families

We organize workshops which help parents to perform their role better. Some of the topics
discussed are child rearing guidelines, nutrition, first aid procedures, playing, reading, etc.

Your contribution brings them closer to a life of opportunity.